Same-Day Services and Office Supplies in Honolulu

Finding everything needed in terms of Office Supplies in Honolulu will save businesses money. Pricing is better when buying in bulk, and there are no added travel costs from going to two or three stores to get all supplies. A store that can provide same-day services will save the business time. Ordering online may be slightly more cost-effective, but shipping takes time.

More Than Paper and Pens

What consists of Office Supplies in Honolulu has changed drastically from the days of manually writing notes and documents. Ink-jet printers, software, monitors, web cameras, and multiple function copiers are now the norm. Rather than signing official documents or correspondences, professionals are more apt to use a custom rubber stamp.

Same-day services for custom items, such as rubber stamps, identification badges, nameplates, engraved signs, and even embossed products are convenient and can make turnover easier to handle. it also presents a professional first impression to office visitors, clients, and potential employees. Small engraved signs can be used to denote conference rooms, offices, departments, or wings.

Other Custom Services

Custom awards and office decor can also be completed same-day in most cases. Design services are offered to help get the font, image, or spacing just right. Staff are experienced but are not graphic artists, so services are limited. A picture, sketch, or detailed description is needed for successful interpretations.


While inventory and work are completed at a physical location, there is an online presence for convenience and to view examples of what is offered and previous custom projects. Products can be ordered online as well. Feel free to browse our website and explore ways to make excellent impressions, increase productivity with rubber stamps, and find all needed supplies in one place.

The ability to combine old-fashioned customer service with modern office supplies and cater to businesses of any size are aspects of a successful business. One location has been opened since 1956 and has adapted to many changes in office supplies, needs, and expectations. Staff can make recommendations for supplies and products, answer questions regarding rubber stamp usage and maintenance, and repair broken stamps. Keep in mind that it may be more cost-effective to replace a stamp rather than having it repaired.

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