Industrial Ammonia Refrigerant System Benefits

When designing industrial refrigeration systems, one must take many factors into consideration. For instance, you want the most cost-effective system. At the same time, you must take a range of environmental factors into consideration. Here are a number reasons why you may want to go with an industrial ammonia refrigeration system.

Environmental Requirements

Ecological issues are critical factors in designing a new system. For example, the Environmental Protection Agency is constantly upgrading its clean air requirements and regulations for new and existing refrigeration applications. For best results, you must have the latest EPA information.

Fluorocarbons are a major environmental concern. CFC products were done away with beginning in 1995. HCFC’s replaced CFC’s, but in 2020, HCFC’s will face the same fate as CFC’s. However, as soon as 2020, choosing refrigerant that meets the new standards may be a challenge for some companies. Yet, the modern industrial ammonia refrigeration system has excellent alternatives available.


New refrigerants must be chemically stable, and ammonia is among the best choices for stability. Hydrocarbons are becoming popular these days, due to their stability. These two refrigerants cause no significant issues when they break down in the atmosphere.


When planning a new refrigeration system, compatibility is not much of an issue. However, in many facilities, it’s not cost-effective to completely replace a cooling system. One may need to utilize existing components and retrofit some applications. These measures must be studied to make sure all system components work together in harmony.

Professional Advice

If you don’t have access to experienced engineers or designers, you may want to hire industrial cooling system professionals. They can help you plan the best industrial ammonia refrigerant system for your applications. You will enjoy many benefits when you opt for professional help, including custom designed systems to suit your applications.

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