Importance of Data Backups for Businesses

Located in Ontario, Canada, the city of Toronto is a leading business center in North America. The city’s 2.6 million people rely on businesses for employment, economic health, and infrastructure upkeep. Because of the vital role business plays in the community, it is up to business owners, large or small, to strive for success. A booming business sector means more money for business owners, employees, and community members alike.

Protecting Data

Most modern businesses rely on computers, working in conjunction with in-house servers, to store their data. Depending on the business, this could range from product inventory, to sensitive customer financial information. Contrary to popular belief, the server doesn’t need to crash for data to be lost. An employee with access to the computer’s terminal, a basic computing feature, could inadvertently wipe the business servers clean. This means that backing up data should be a priority.

Choosing a Data Backup System

The business reliance of a city like Toronto makes data protection extra important. Choosing between an online backup for a Toronto business, or an in-house backup, plays an important role in the event of disaster. A data backup system works like an external hard drive; you plug it in (connect it to your system) and move files (usually a full data image of the server) to the system’s memory unit (in essence a hard drive) However, anything connected to an in-house server is vulnerable, its fate as much in the hands of employees, as the servers. That’s why it’s pertinent to choose a solution for online backup in Toronto. With an online backup solution, data can be moved to an individual folder, or a disk image can be taken, and that data is then transferred over the internet to a third party server. This all happens on a schedule the business sets up. It’s in essence cloud computing. Professionals handle the third party server, mitigating risk and responsibility. It’s an obviously sound business decision to know more information visit and also follow our Twitter account.

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