How to Hire the Right Speaker for a Company Event

Are you organizing a corporate gathering? If so, you know there is a lot of work involved. One of your biggest tasks is hiring a leadership keynote speaker. This person plays a huge role in the success of the event. The message the individual delivers has the power to motivate and inspire the audience. The attendees can walk away with fresh ideas, techniques or tools for improving their workplace. There are a few tips you can follow to help you hire the right person.


A professional speaker conducts research. The individual does not take a one size fits all approach to delivering keynote speeches. The person you hire will research your industry, company and workplace culture. Look for someone who asks relevant questions during the consultation. The right person for the job should know the purpose of the event and the outcome you seek. So he or she will tailor a speech that is appropriate for the occasion.


A good leadership keynote speaker connects with the audience. Look for someone who delivers messages in a way that is fun and memorable. He or she knows how to keep people engaged using various strategies and techniques. The person may include such things as funny clips, humor or audience participation. Also, view videos of the person speaking at an actual event.


How do you know whether a speaker is a good fit for your business function? Check the person’s track record. What type of credentials does he or she possess? How long has the person been a professional keynoter? Has he or she spoken to companies likes your before? Review client testimonials. Gather as much information as possible. Audiences are receptive to speakers they feel they can trust.

A leadership keynote speaker plays a critical role during a corporate event. This person can present new ideas, strategies, and inspiration that can help your organization move closer toward achieving its goals. Visit for more details.

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