How to Correctly Optimize Your Website

In order to correctly use search engine optimization, you must first understand what to do and what not to do. Many companies use incorrect SEO strategy techniques which causes them to lose business as opposed to gaining business. There are some things that you should about your own business model before you attempt any new marketing strategies. Keep in mind what search engines want and what they don’t want.

What Search Engines Want

It is important to know what search engines are looking for so you are able to direct the right clientele to your website. Here is some of what they are looking for:

 * Content: Content is the text that is within the website, the text that is on the page, descriptions, and titles that are given.

 * Performance: How fast your website is and whether or not it works properly.

 * Authority: Whether or not your website has good enough content in order to be linked to other authoritative sites.

 * User-Friendly: Is the website user friendly? Is it easy to navigate through? Does it have a bounce rate?

What Search Engines Don’t Want

Search engines only have a certain amount of space to store data so if you are trying to fool them, then that is only going to hurt you and your business. Here are some things they do not like.

 * Stuffing keywords – Overusing keywords on your website pages

 * Links that have been purchased – Buying links is a no-no when it comes to SEO

 * Poor User Experience – Users have to be able to get around your website easily, and the content must always be up to date.

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