How Much Does Dash Repair Cost?

Keeping the interior of your car free of damage can be a lot harder than you think. Being exposed to the sun on a regular basis can really do damage to your vehicle’s interior. Over time, your dash will begin to crack due to sun damage. Instead of leaving this eyesore, you need to work on getting a dashboard repair service hired. The price of dashboard repair can range from $200 all the way to $2000 depending on a number of factors. The following are just some of the factors that can affect the overall price a dashboard repair service charges.

Are You Getting a New or Used Replacement Dash?

Deciding whether to get a new or used replacement dash is not easy. If the car is relatively new, then you probably want to go with an OEM replacement if possible. These manufacturer parts can be quite pricey, but worth it due to their quality and fit. If you are more concerned with price, then a used dash is the way to go. Finding a dashboard repair service with access to quality used parts can be very beneficial. Paying a bit more for a used dash in good condition will pay off due to the appeal it can add to your vehicle.

How Labor Intensive is the Removal/Installation Process?

The next factors that will contribute to the overall price a dashboard repair service will charge is the labor involved in removing the old dash and putting the new one. Generally, these services will charge by the hour when it comes to labor. Before deciding on which service to use, you may want to get a price quote. Generally, these professionals can look at a dash and let you know how much time it will take to replace it. With this information, you can make an informed decision regarding which service to use.

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