How Heat Transfers Can Make a Difference in Your Budget

Saving money on business expenses is something every business owner wants to accomplish. Whether your company is a small start-up or a major, multi-national brand, there is no business too small or too large to consider their budget when investing in marketing tools. For many managers and marketers, this means cutting corners where they can, and promotional materials are often one of those cuts.

What if it did not have to be though? What if there was a way to give current and future customers promotional materials that they enjoy, while still saving money?

The Answer is Heat Transfers

A free t-shirt is a popular item used for business promotions; however, many of these t-shirts are usually screen printed, which can cost quite a bit of money. Considering these items are loss-leaders, it makes sense that many businesses have done away with handing out t-shirts altogether. Apparel is a great choice for promotional purposes though, and can be quite affordable with t-shirt heat transfers.

Many companies who offer screen printing also offer iron-on options for those who prefer a more affordable and more customized product. With heat transfer designs, you can create the image you want and apply it to products such as shirts, bags and other materials, eliminating a great deal of cost from the process.

Why Iron-On Imagery is Still a Great Choice in 2017

Many of us remember the emergence of iron-on imagery decades ago. This primitive version came with many problems, however with the advances in technology in recent years, all of these problems have been fine-tuned in the process. Gone are the crunchy, clunky designs of years past. In their place we find gorgeous, full color graphics and comfortable, wearable textures that make this technique a great option for those with a budget. Add the unique level of customization available through t-shirt heat transfers, and it is no wonder so many companies are choosing this technique for their promotional apparel needs!

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