Getting Dentures in DC

If a person has lost their teeth, dentures in DC are the least expensive treatment to restore their smile and confidence. Dentures are a removable prosthesis for missing teeth and their surrounding tissues. Made of plastic or acrylic, teeth and gums are mimicked to recover a natural smile. Complete dentures are made to replace all the teeth, while partials close the spaces created by tooth loss and prevent partial movement of the remaining teeth. What else should one know when it comes to dentures? Here are some frequently asked questions about dentures that many patients often ask their dental clinic.

How does one know if they need dentures? If a person has lost some or all of their teeth, he or she is likely to get dentures. Replacing missing teeth is important for maintaining bone structure, preventing other teeth from shifting and being able to eat or speak normally. On the other hand, it helps them recover their smile to avoid the emotional and social impact that comes with tooth loss.

How long does the process take? Normally, placing dentures requires about five visits (about a month) to complete the process. After an initial evaluation, a mold of the mouth will be taken so the lab can make the prosthesis; once made it is placed, and the color, shape and fixation are determined. It will be a few weeks before the patient can get used to wearing their dentures.

What should a patient do to take care of their dentures properly?

1. Take them off before going to bed.
3. Clean them every day properly.
5. When a patient is not wearing them, he or she should immerse them in water or a special solution.
7. Do not ever place them in boiling water.
9. To improve stability, use the adhesives as directed

Are there alternatives to dentures? Dentures in DC are the traditional option to recover lost teeth, but if you’re not convinced, ask a dentist about dental implants. Implants are small titanium cylinders that are placed in the jaw and act as an artificial root for permanent dentures. People can read full info here to learn more.

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