Fixing Broken Water Mains Repair in Alexandria VA

A broken water main is one of the major nightmares a home or building owner/manager can have. First things first, it leaves quite a mess to deal with at the end of the day. Not everything found within a working space or a home reacts well to water. Secondly, one cannot clean up until repairs are done. When water mains break, it can destroy furniture, documents, and other appliances. All these are quite expensive to replace while others, like documents, can be irreplaceable. The outcome can be catastrophic if the water gets in touch with electricity.

Selecting a plumbing company

It is, therefore, important to know a plumbing company in your area to contact in case of such an emergency. All Plumbing Inc. is a corporation that deals with broken water mains repair in Alexandria, VA. All their staff members are experts when it comes to repairing broken water mains for both residential and commercial customers.

Another aspect that puts All Plumbing Inc. at the top compared to other plumbing companies is their experience. Yes, it has a forty plus years’ experience in repairing broken sewer and water mains. It has the capability of handling any problem regarding plumbing.

Services offered by All Plumbing Inc.

There are cases where it is almost impossible to know the exact point of leakage. Yes, sometimes the problem may be the primary source, causing stress on minor pipes and hence the breaking of water mains. The company does a thorough inspection first using a video camera, then proceed to do repairs.

Roots can also cause cracks in water pipes. Replacing pipes in such an area without taking further actions is of no help as the pipes will break again after a short period. The company takes charge in such cases and advise its customers on the action to take.

Unlike other replacement and repair services offered, which many consider being traditional, All Plumbing Inc. uses what is known as ‘trenchless technology’ to give their clients the best broken water mains repair in Alexandria, VA. It just means incorporating technology in all steps of their services. Customers benefit immensely here as this method is cost-effective, less invasive and does not damage the lawn.

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