Fix Those Broken Pipes and Fixtures With Reliable Plumbing Repair in Lower Merion

Leaking water pipes can cause a lot of damage, and some of that damage could extend to the structural support of the building. One reason for this is that some leaks are hidden in the walls, floors, or even the attic, and the property owner may not realize a problem exists until extensive damage has already been done. Slow leaks can saturate the wood and cause rot to set in while a faster spray might actually cut away portions of the wood. Cuts can happen because the spraying water is under pressure when it exits the pipe and, the higher the internal pressure, the more damage that can be done. Eliminating problems like these require expert Plumbing Repair in Lower Merion to ensure the job is done correctly.

The other side of plumbing is waste removal, but this portion of the system can develop problems as well. For example, the sewage line that connects a home to the municipal system can develop clogs or breaks in the pipe. Clogs can occur for a couple of reasons. The first is waste accumulation on the inside of the pipes or the fittings used to join lengths of pipe together. Sewer pipes are slow-moving systems, and this allows portions of the sewage to snag or stick on the piping. Over time, this waste problem will grow and slow things down until there is very little movement at all. Eliminating the problem might be as simple as the use of a pipe snake, but other options are available such as water jetting. Water jetting, or hydro-jetting, uses highly pressurized water for removing stuck-on waste and is a key tool in plumbing repair in Lower Merion.

The other problem that sewer lines can encounter is the invasion of plant roots. This particular issue can be difficult to notice because it builds over time. Roots grow through cracks in the pipe wall or enter the system by creeping through a gap between the pipe joints. Plants are always searching for moisture, and a nutrient rich sewer pipe provides them with an excellent source. Unfortunately, roots can do a lot of damage because they expand any breaks in the pipe as the roots spread. Plus, root growth slows down the flow of sewage and eventually blocks it completely. Contact City Plumbing to learn more about fixing damaged pipes and eliminating clogs.

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