Features And Benefits Of Guardian Generators

Guardian home standby generators are engineered and produced in the USA; they are thought to be the standard in standby power supply that the rest of the industry hopes to emulate. Guardian generators in Elmhurst are available in a wide range of sizes to suit the demands of any home or small business; the smallest is 7Kw, the largest is a 25Kw water cooled unit. Every generator, regardless of size was built to save money on installation and running without compromising on reliability or quality.

Guardian generators are designed with the homeowner in mind; all units, regardless of size are easily accessed through removable panels making service and maintenance much easier and faster. They are built on an integral base pad that minimizes disruption during installation and they are easy to connect to the home electrical system.

Guardian generator features:

The manufacturer of Guardian generators in Elmhurst does not rest on their laurels. The newest model includes numerous improvements that ensure installation is quick, saving you time and money. With such a wide range of models it is easy to choose the ideal generator based on your specific needs, once installed you can rest assured that in time of need, your Guardian generator will keep you safe and sound regardless of how long the power is out.

Guardian generators employ an engine that is power lubricated and built to withstand the stress of around the clock demand, day in and day out.

You don’t have to be home when there is a power failure. The Guardian generator solid state controls sense a power outage; it starts instantly and switches the home from utility provided power to emergency standby power.

All Guardian generators in Elmhurst are finished with a corrosion resistant powder coating. The unit looks good and will not rust or corrode after sitting outdoors for years.

If you are considering adding standby power to your home you can’t go wrong with the industry leader; Guardian generators in Elmhurst.

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