Compassionate and Professional Pet Care in Spokane, WA

Having pets is a wonderful experience, as any cat or dog owner will attest to. The experience of having a companion animal such as a dog or cat provides all sorts of benefits. For example, the elderly benefit in very specific ways, including:

* Companionship: It is very common for elderly people to feel isolated and lonely as they are often cut off from family and friends. Companion animals can provide them with affection and companionship that reduces their level of loneliness. Studies have also found that providing physical affection to a pet can reduce levels of anxiety and depression in people.

* Meaning: A companion animal such as a cat or dog can provide real meaning to the life of an elderly person when it comes to pet care. The needs of the pet, whether it be affection, grooming, or food, can provide a person with a real sense of meaning in life and something to occupy his or her time.

When You Are Away From Your Precious Pet

Of course, there are times when many of us need to be away from our pets for at least a little while. This can cause a lot of guilt in some people because they feel as if they are almost abandoning a child. Such is the affection that people have for their pets!

It doesn’t need to be this way, though. Places such as Marcinda Kennels provide special facilities where animals including dogs and cats can be well looked after. What is great about pet care and boarding facilities such as this is that they provide a second home for all pets. This ensures that the animal feels right at home and can experience a relaxing environment that prioritizes his or her health, his or her play time, and his or her social time with other animal friends.

The Wise Choice for Your Pet

Calling on family and friends every once in a while can be okay; however, wouldn’t you rather take advantage of a special boarding facility that not only understands animals but will also make them feel relaxed? If you want the best pet care in Spokane, WA for your precious furry companion, a boarding facility may just be the best idea.

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