CNC Plastic Machining Offers Many Benefits

When you think of computerized machine shops, you might have images of horizontal or vertical machining centers, lathes, and many other types of machines, working with steel, aluminum, and brass. In fact, many people don’t realize that CNC plastic machining is becoming commonplace in Washington, thanks to more durable and abrasion-resistant plastics. Here are some of the benefits these services can provide.

CNC Machining

Thanks to computer numeric control equipment, it’s possible to automate many machining processes that were once done manually. This can speed up production and produce more pieces per hour. Computerized machines can produce precision work, and once a program is set, a machine can create the same highly precise work without flaws.

Advantages over Injection Molding

Many parts can be manufactured with injection molding methods. However, it’s expensive to produce molds, and each mold can only make one size and shape. If you want more products, you have to buy or manufacture more molds. With CNC plastic machining, Washington shops can set up machines to produce all kinds of shapes, sizes, and parts. Also, you can make parts with more precision and detail.

Bringing New Products to Market

R&D is a major cost when you design and create new products for your business. Thanks to CNC machines, you can create plastic prototypes for testing, and it’s a cost-effective solution. With plastic prototypes, you don’t spend money on expensive metals like stainless steel, brass, and titanium in the testing stages.

You could try injection molding for prototypes, but every time you make changes, you need new molds. When you use CNC plastic machining, you can simply change some settings to correct problems. It’s cheaper, easier, and because it’s automated, you don’t need an experienced machinist to run the equipment and produce parts. Also, by hiring a Washington shop for your machining needs, you save time and money.

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