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Water Filters

Understanding Reverse Osmosis Water Treatments

What is it? To understand reverse osmosis water treatment, it’s necessary to find out what osmosis means. Osmosis refers to the process wherein a solvent of low concentrated solute
Water Filters

Filtered Drinking Water Dispensers for Medical Offices and Hospitals

Hygiene is of great importance especially in medical offices and hospitals. Healthcare industries need to provide water for their employees as well as patients. With the traditional water fountains
Water Filters

How to Find a UV Water Sterilizer

The New York Times reports that about 77 million Americans lived in places where water systems were compromised in 2015. Violations of the safety regulations mean high contamination that
Water Filters

Reverse Osmosis Tanks: Buying Considerations and Tips

What is a reverse osmosis system? It’s a type of filtration system used to purify drinking water. The water passes through a membrane that traps the impurities and particles
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