Best Use Practices With Floor Scales In Dallas, TX

For most types of packaging companies, production and manufacturing companies or even industrial facilities, floor scales are a standard part of the equipment. These scales come in a range of different sizes and with optional features that can streamline the weighing process for any Dallas, TX business.

Review Of Practices

The use of floor scales is basic, without the need for any special operator training. These scales are designed for medium to heavy loads on pallets, in bins or even in barrels. They are often designed with stainless steel or painted carbon steel platforms, and some will be designed to stand up to washdown procedures, an important consideration in food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical production and other types of consumer products.

While it may seem unnecessary to take your Dallas, TX employees through a step-by-step review of how to correctly use floor scales, there are a lot of bad habits that can be developed over time. By stressing the best use practices, it is possible to extend the life of the scale and to reduce the need for constant calibration.

Placing Loads on the Scale

One of the worst things for any scale is a shock. When a load is dropped onto the scale, it can impact the scale and damage the load cell. All loads should be lowered onto the scale without any drop onto the platform.

Another consideration is removing loads from the scale. Sometimes equipment operators get in a bad habit of dragging the forks up the lip of the scale and then sliding them forward to pick up the load. This impact and “hit” to the edge of the scale is also a problem.

It is also important to consider how loads will be moved onto and off the scale. By having the ability to have on and off ramps on the scale, there is less risk of the equipment operator clipping the platform in trying to maneuver into or out of the scale.

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