Automotive History: Chevrolet Throughout the Years

Chevrolet is a division of General Motors, and they are commonly referred to as just Chevy. It is one of the big four manufacturers in American’s automotive industry, although it currently has operations all over the world. Like all of the technology of the early 1900’s there have been big changes, and several giant leaps forward with the Chevy vehicles.

The Start of Chevrolet

The company started out back in 1911, but quickly became part of General Motors, in a deal reached in 1912. They had many issues in the beginning with that deal, and it lead to one of the co-founders, William Durant, being removed from the board for five years. The early years also saw the first of the blue bowtie symbol to be placed on the Chevrolet models.

Mid Century

The company spent most of the 20th century competing fiercely with Ford and Chrysler. It was a time of great advancement for vehicles, and it made those three manufacturers battle for rank. Chevy took the lead in 1929 by introducing the first six cylinder engine, which put it above the four cylinders available in other makes at that time. Another major point in the history of Chevrolet was the introduction of the Corvette in 1953, and that car is still very popular today.

Today’s Chevrolet

The market for vehicles today is much different than it was 100 years ago. More focus is going into efficiency and green initiatives, which led Chevrolet to design the Volt. The Volt is an electric car, and thought to be one of the cars of the future. Other Chevrolet cars in Oak Lawn also follow the drive towards better fuel economy, with even the trucks marketing including fuel efficiency as a selling point. The new technology in vehicles today rely a great deal on electronic systems, including how the engine runs, stability and control, and other safety features.

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