A Complete Cremation Service in Ogden, UT Is Similar to a Funeral with One Exception

When you choose cremation, you will find that you can select from a complete cremation, immediate cremation, or direct cremation. A complete cremation is similar to a funeral except that a cremation instead of a burial follows the service.

A Complete Cremation: How the Process Works

A complete cremation service in Ogden, UT can be accompanied by the use of a rental casket or one that is designed especially for cremation. Normally, the cremation is set up so that a viewing, ceremony, or service is followed with cremation. The remains can be scattered, returned to the family, or buried. An urn is used to hold the remains. Urns may be made of plastic, cardboard, semi-precious metals, wood, or ceramic.

Family Viewing for Immediate Cremations

If you arrange an immediate cremation service, it means that the body is cremated with a memorial service following the event. If viewing by the family can be facilitated within a few hours after the decedent’s passing, embalming is not needed. Should viewing be delayed for as long as eight to 12 hours, embalming is advised. However, should viewing of the body be postponed for a longer duration, embalming is normally required.

Why Family Viewing Is Encouraged

Funeral and cremation professionals advise that family members view the deceased before a direct cremation in order to help heal from the loss. Whether you choose a cremation service that involves complete or immediate cremation, it is important to make sure that people pay their final respects.

Direct Cremation

Some people opt for direct cremation. As the name suggests, this type of cremation is performed by restricting the service to the removal and transportation of the deceased to the mortuary.

Where to Obtain Further Cremation Details

You can gain more insight into the cremation service when you visit us online. Arrange for a consultation to obtain further details about the cremation process.

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