A Certified Arborist Grinds Down Tree Stumps to Get Them Out of the Yard

After a tree comes down in a storm, some homeowners tackle cutting up the wood on their own with a chainsaw. There’s still the matter of the stump to deal with afterward. Many people decide to call a Certified Arborist for assistance with that project.

Property owners can remove stumps by drilling holes into the wood and pouring stump-removal chemicals into the holes. This process takes several weeks, however, and in the meantime, that unsightly piece of increasingly spongy wood is still in the way, posing a tripping hazard. Even after the wood has deteriorated substantially, it still needs to be burned because it cannot be manually removed in this condition.

A Certified Arborist removes tree stumps quickly by grinding them down with specialized equipment that includes a sharp rotating disk. The arborist cuts the wood very close to the ground and then grinds it underneath to at least six inches in depth. Application of chemicals is advisable to prevent suckers from growing around the area, which is a very common occurrence and can go on for years.

The price for the project often is matched with the diameter of the stump. Property owners will find that hiring a professional tree technician to do this work is very affordable when compared with the cost of renting the equipment and attempting to do it themselves. There’s a learning curve associated with using the machinery, which is heavy and unwieldy. Inexperience with the device means having to take significantly more time than a professional would. With a lack of experience, they also may be aggravated to discover that they haven’t done a very effective job and that part of the stump still remains.

A contractor such as Timberline Tree Service also returns the area to a restored space after the wood has been ground down. The arborist removes the wood chips and then fills the area with soil. Grass or flowers can be planted there, or a new tree if the homeowner wants to have the old one replaced. The property owners can keep those chips for useful mulch if they want to.

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