8 Secrets to Hiring a Remodeling Contractor You Can Trust

Hiring a home remodeling contractor in SA TX can make or break your project. Here are 8 hiring secrets to make sure you find a reliable and trustworthy one:

Ask about licenses

Never work with a contractor unless you know he’s licensed, bonded and insured. Check the details of the license so you know he’s licensed to work in your area.

Request for proof

Don’t just take your contractor’s word for it, though. Ask for proof of their liability insurance. This step can protect your assets and spare you from a ton of bills in case there’s an accident on the job.

Trust your gut

Feel something is off or dishonest about the contractor? Don’t dismiss those misgivings. Listen to your instincts. Go with your gut and find someone else, says Popular Mechanics.

Read reviews

Look online for reviews and feedback on your home remodeling contractor in SA TX. This can help you decide whether you should go ahead and hire him or not.

Do your research

You’ll want to know what kind of reputation the remodeling company or contractor has. Do your research. Go online and read news reports along with any information you can find. These will help you decide if you’ve got the right contractor on board your project or not.

Do a face to face interview

Credentials might look good on paper but there’s no substitute to a face-to-face interview. Do it via a video call if you can’t make time for an in-person interview. You’ll have a better sense of whether the contractor is a good fit for the project or not.

Ask about specialization

Want better results? Look for a contractor who specializes in the type of remodeling work you need.

Check the contract

Don’t let anyone start work on anything before you read and understand the contract thoroughly. That way, you and your contractor will be on the same page.

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