3 Ways to Improve Your Warehouse Efficiency

Business owners and managers are never satisfied with the level of efficiency they have achieved within their warehouse operation. New ideas and technology, often shared by warehouse design companies, can introduce new thoughts and opportunities for the benefit of the organization, employees and customers. Among the many suggested changes are increasing the robotic equipment, updating the order picking systems and reviewing the balance between natural and electric light.

1. Are Your Robots Effective in Your Business?

The use of robotic equipment for automation within a warehouse has been available for decades. The return on investment required for the installation of robotic equipment can be short when business owners consider the finances that can be saved by making changes to their operation while improving their speed and efficiency. Voice operated robots and wearable technology has changed the effectiveness of warehouse robots forever.

2. Are You Picking Your Orders Competently?

Order picking systems selected by your warehouse management can make or break the efficiency of moving products from one part of your operation to another. The desire to move items from their stored position, through to delivery to the customer, is the competitive difference that makes customers choose to work with you – or another organization.

Warehouse design companies can educate you on the various order picking systems that will balance your requirements with your financial challenges. Whether these are voice directed or physical picking through a conveyor system, they are designed to save your operation money, effort and therefore, time.

3. Does Upgrading Your Lighting Help Your Business?

Almost every research paper on this subject clearly shows that a good mixture between natural and electric lighting helps your employees work more efficiently and effectively. Natural light feels better, is more convenient for eyesight and helps show your warehouse equipment and products in better color.

The introduction of more lighting, through natural skylights, is a natural conclusion to the ever higher warehouse ceilings that exist within modern warehouse designs. Higher warehouse ceilings usually bring more storage facilities within an organization and lighting upgrades take advantage of better lighting efficiency, reduced energy consumption and more effective use of LED technology.

There are many ways in which you can increase the efficiency within your warehouse. Reducing some of the monotonous and heavy workload by using robots, becoming more efficient at picking orders and increasing the natural light to improve the environment for your employees, are several positive steps forward.

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